iPhone Karaoke Player v3.0.2

99¢ songs!!! or... add your own! Buy a 10 song pack for $6.99.

New: Microphone and TV Output Support. (TV Out only on iPhone 4, iPad or 4th gen iPod)

Karaoke Player is an app that allows you to play back standard karaoke files on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can add an unlimited number of your own karaoke mp3+g files (zipped or unzipped) to the Karaoke Player by using iTunes (or using your WiFi network and the browser on your computer.)

There are in-app song purchases. At the moment the selection is small... but it's growing!

Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch sideways to play karaoke in a "large screen" format!

Huge selections of mp3+g files can be purchased as well from many online stores on the web.

Karaoke Player comes with the public domain song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".

iPhone Karaoke Player Support: support@iphonekaraokeplayer.com

What's New in this Version:

In-App Song Purchases.
Microphone Input.
TV Output.
Copy karaoke files using iTunes.
Dragging to different points in a song.
In/Out points for looping over and practicing small sections.
Ultra large sideways view.
Multiplex karaoke file support.
Sorting by Artist or Title (also section headers for these).
Editing song Artist and Title.

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